Delta Airlines Contact Number: 0207 660 0767

If you want to call Delta Airlines in the UK, then call them on their customer service phone line onĀ 0871 221 1222. If you require support with your reservations, call them on 0207 660 0767.

Delta Airlines is one of the world largest and most trusted airlines operating in the world. The company started out as a humble crop duster in the 1920s, later expanding to accommodate commercial flights, the first of which were only capable of bringing five passengers and one pilot. Fast forward to the 1990s, when Delta purchased Pan Am, turning them into an international carrier.

According to the Department of Transportation, Delta was the number 1 Major Airlines in terms of customer service. This honour was given to them in 1992, and was the 17th consecutive year this award was conferred to them and with their track record, it certainly wouldn’t be the last. Nowadays, Delta is able to carry 160 million passengers every year which is certainly an improvement to their 5 passengers per flight days when they first started out.

Delta Airways via Phone

If you would like to contact their customer support team, you can call them up on the phone on 44 871 22 11 222. If you would like to contact their offices for reservations and cancellations, then call the Delta phone number: +44 (0)207 660 0767.

Tweet Delta Airways

You can also tweet them @Delta or @deltaassist for travel advice, though this is certainly for much shorter correspondence. They advise that if you want to receive a formal response for your query then you use the abovementioned Delta Phone Number for the UK.

Delta Airways on the Web

If, however, you have a comment or a complaint about Delta’s flights and services and you would like to file a formal complaint or you would like to send them an formal feedback on the matter, then you can use their comments and complaints form found here:

Post to Delta Airways

For feedback and all manner of correspondence with Delta Europe, you can also write to them at:

Delta Europe Customer Care Centre,
TSA 21235,
75564 Paris Cedex 12,