Vodafone Top Up Contact Number: 2345

To get a Vodafone Top Up by phone, just contact their Topup phone line by dialling 2345 directly from your Vodafone mobile. If you wish to set up an automatic top up schedule, then dial 18829.

If you want to get a top up for your Vodafone the first thing you need to do is to download the My Vodafone App. It’s available free to download for iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones. Then, you need to log into your My Vodafone account with your debit or credit card details.You can also save this to make it easier for you to get a top up the next time around.

The mobile phone is one of the best modern day inventions that has managed to make itself indispensible. If you think about it, every form of communication nowadays revolves around the use of a mobile phone. The thing about any mobile phone is that it’s only as useful as its network. Without any access to the network, a mobile phone loses one of its major functions – being that of a phone with which to make calls from.

This is an especially real problem for pay as you go subscribers. When their credits get used up, the phone ceases to become a mobile phone, well, until you get a top up that is. The top up is very important, and this is why Vodafone has made it easy for their pay as you go subscribers to get their Vodafone Top Up.

Vodafone Top Up Numbers

You can also just dial *#1345*<TOPUP voucher number># then press ‘SEND’.

You can also call Vodafone on 2345 for a Topup.

You can also TopUP by text. The first thing you need to do is to register for this service for free by calling 2345. You then have to save your credit card or debit card details with their system. Then, whenever you need to get a topup then you just text ‘TOPUP<SPACE><value of the top up in £><SPACE><your card’s last four digits>’.

If you want to set up an automatic top up schedule, then just call Vodafone’s system on 18829.