VW Contact Number: 0800 333 666

Contact Volkswagen (VW) customer services on their UK general enquiries freephone number 0800 333 666 for free to find your local car dealership, for vehicle sales and to make a complaint about diesel emissions.

Volkswagen, commonly known as VW, is the flagship marque of the world’s largest manufacturer of cars across the entire globe. You can call their customer service phone number 0800 333 666 to place a telephone order for a new vehicle, to purchase official replacement parts from an affiliated mechanic and to find out which of their commercial vans is best suited to the needs of your company. Moreover you can phone this number to make a complaint if you already own a VW car for example if it continually breaks down, the performance is less than expected or you wish to claim a refund following the 2015 diesel emissions scandal. This freephone helpline is free of charge from all UK landline and mobile handsets; lines are open 8:30am-6pm Monday-Friday.


VW financial services – 0870 010 2022

Contact Volkswagen on their financial services phone number 0870 010 2022 to get a loan for a new car under their financial agreements. Please note you will likely have to pay an initial deposit as well as regular monthly repayments and your vehicle will be seized if you do not keep the terms of your loan agreement. If you have an existing arrangement you can phone this number for details on how to purchase your vehicle outright if you would like to pay your debt off early.


Notable VW contact numbers

Department Phone number
General enquiries 0800 333 666
VW Financial Services 0870 010 2022
Insurance customer care 0800 316 7892
VW roadside assistance 0800 777 192


Find your local Volkswagen (VW) dealership

You can find your local VW dealership by using their retailer website which is a useful tool as it allows you to select which services you require. For example if you only wish to get a vehicle MOT check or you are purchasing fleet vehicles as company cars you can use this webpage to select an appropriate dealer. Finally you can also use this to get full technical specifications and to arrange a test drive for one of their latest models which is ideal if you are unsure of whether it is right for you.