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For the time being, we have not got a contact number for Zavvi. However if you have any queries for Zavvi, then you can use the contact form on their website: You can also tweet them @Zavvihelp.

Zavvi, is an online retailer of goods specialising in the entertainment department. If you’re an avid gamer and would like to purchase the latest games for your game console, then Zavvi is the place for you. They have all the latest titles for the Xbox, Playstation, Wii and PC. If you’re only starting out, then you can also check out their consoles and order one that fits your style of gaming. If you’re not much of a gamer but you’re a movie enthusiast, then you can check out their selection of movie titles.

Here you’ll be able to find great classics as well as newer masterpieces. You can choose to either purchase a movie on the DVD or a BluRay. Zavvi does not discriminate in terms of genre, there are movies for all enthusiasts of all genres available. Aside from films, you can also purchase TV series box sets from Zavvi. They even have beautiful tie-in pieces such as special edition memorabilia and action figures of characters from your favourite programmes.

If you prefer entertainment in the print media, then have a gander on their graphic novels selection. Zavvi’s definition of entertainment isn’t even only limited to all forms of media, they also have T-shirts and clothing for you to choose from – many of which are emblazoned with logos and designs from your favourite game, movie or TV series. If you really want to give yourself a gift, you can also get the Zbox from Zavvi that is filled with all sorts of memorabilia that will satisfy any hardcore fan of a particular brand or genre.

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If you want to contact Zavvi, for now you’ll have to settle with using their contact form found here:

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You can also send them a tweet to this account with a retail enquiry or requesting customer care support @Zavvihelp